Inner Healing

(Where was Jesus?)

How might Jesus set us free from negative emotions and harmful/sinful habits, by healing us from the effects of our past?


Look at the following prophesy that was made about Jesus the Messiah, approximately 700 years before his birth.

Isaiah 61:1-4 (Prophesy about the Messiah)


What stands out to you regarding the healing work it says the Messiah would do?

Have you experienced Jesus doing any of that healing work in your life?



A man in our church came for prayer ministry as he was struggling to live free from a sinful habit, despite many previous attempts at victory. During the time of prayer ministry, we asked the Holy Spirit to reveal any wound or painful memory that lay at the root of this struggle. A memory came to his mind of his mother scolding him harshly for a similar behaviour when he was younger. He was surprised that this memory came to mind as it wasn’t something he had thought about in a long time. As we asked the Holy Spirit to reveal where Christ was in that memory and what he was doing, the image came to the man of Jesus standing between him and his mother with an outstretched hand, defending him from her words. The revelation that Jesus was standing against his mother’s words brought tremendous comfort and healing as the man realised that Jesus wasn’t shaming or condemning him like his mother was. Peace was brought into this memory as the presence of Christ was realised. The man reported that following this time of ministry he experienced great freedom from that sinful habit, and although he still had to resist temptation, he felt much more free and able to do this.


Do you have any stories of Jesus healing your past hurts? What happened and in what ways did you experience freedom?



The following process is a very simple tool that, when used under the direction of the Holy Spirit, can bring significant healing and intimacy with Jesus.

The process allows God to bring to light a memory linked to our negative emotions or harmful/sinful habits and then bring healing by revealing the presence of Christ in that memory.

This can be a led time, or done on one’s own, but will require you to be in a place where you can focus on what God’s revealing in your mind.


Ask the Holy Spirit to bring any memory to mind that may lie behind your lack of freedom.

Sometimes it’s not a memory you’d expect him to take you to. But go with it!


Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal where Jesus was in that situation.

This is not an exercise where you are trying to imagine where Jesus might be; he is present by his Spirit everywhere. You are instead seeking revelation through the Holy Spirit of where Jesus actually was in that situation.

  • What’s Jesus doing?
  • Is Jesus saying anything, to you or others in the memory?
  • Is there anything he’s asking you to do? (If so, be brave and respond)


Write down your experience and, when appropriate, tell others, so that they can help you to hold onto what Jesus has revealed to you.


So What?

Have each member of the Missional Community find a quiet and comfortable space where they can be alone with God and go through the process described above.

Encourage each person to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the healing presence of Jesus in a painful memory from their past, and then follow the Holy Spirit’s lead through the process.

If some people would find it more helpful, get them to seek out someone in the Missional Community to help them through the process.

Come back together as a whole Missional Community and encourage a few people to share appropriately about their initial experience of freedom through this time with God.


Grow Further

Memory Verse:

Psalm 147:3

‘He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.’

Other Bible passages:

Other resources:

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