Gospel Diagram

(The 3 Circles)

How can we share the truths of the gospel using a simple diagram?


Read the following Scriptures and note what stands out to you about God’s calling upon us to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Matthew 28:18-20 (The Great Commission)

Mark 16:15 (Jesus’ command to share the gospel)

Acts 1:8 (Power of the Holy Spirit for witness)

2 Corinthians 5:17-21 (Believers are Christ’s ambassadors)

1 Peter 3:15 (Be ready to share)


What does Scripture say your role is in spreading the good news about Jesus?

How do you feel about this?



My wife and I were out for dinner with an old work colleague when my ex-colleague asked about the work I was now doing. I had taken on a role with my local church and so told her I was teaching people about God. Straight away she asked me, well actually ordered me, ‘Teach, me something.’ My mind went blank, like I had never learned anything about the gospel before. Then I remembered a simple diagram that illustrates the gospel, called ‘The 3 Circles’. I got hold of a serviette and a pen and drew it for her, talking her through each step. She then said ‘That was great, teach me something else’. By this time I was feeling a bit more calm and collected and so I told her a bit more about the gospel and my own story of how believing in Jesus’ death and resurrection, and making him king of my life, had transformed me. It was a great time of sharing the gospel with her, but when under pressure I was glad to have The 3 Circles to hand.


What would you do if you were put on the spot to share something about the gospel?



The 3 Circles is a great diagram that can help us share the gospel with others.

Circle 1: God's Perfect Design. This circle illustrates God’s original good purpose for our life, that was full of goodness and blessing, where we could fully experience his love and out of this, love him and others.

Circle 2: Brokenness. This circle illustrates that we have turned from God’s design, having gone ‘our own way’, or to use the Bible word, we have ‘sinned’. We now experience a broken life, whether that be depression, broken relationships, or even wars and disease. What is more, when we try to escape the brokenness of the world through things like drugs and alcohol, money and success, or even being nice, church attendance and religion, it doesn’t work and often leads to even more brokenness.

Circle 3: Jesus. This Circle illustrates what God has done to set us free from brokenness and restore us to God’s design – by sending Jesus to live on the earth, and that he died on a cross and rose to life again after 3 days. By turning to Christ, believing in him and what he did for us through his life, death and resurrection, we can be set free to pursue and recover God’s original design – a life where we know a loving relationship with God and others.

Having shared this diagram it can be helpful to open up a discussion by asking the following questions:

  • Where are you on this diagram? What Circle best describes your life?
  • Where would you like to be on this diagram?
  • Are you ready to turn to and believe in Jesus?

[Shape taken from the book by Jimmy Scroggins - Three Circles (2000)]


So What?

This exercise will help you familiarise yourself with The 3 Circles Diagram so you can be prepared to share it with others.

Split the Missional Community down into pairs and encourage people to share The 3 Circles Diagram with each other, being sure to give each other feedback on any parts that were missed out or unclear.

Repeat this again in a different pair, and then again in yet another pair. Becoming familiar with sharing this diagram in a practice environment will make you all the more ready to share it with a friend or existing Person of Peace.


Come back together and get feedback on how people found this exercise.

Have an extended time of payer together for confidence and opportunities to share this diagram with People of Peace during the next week.


Grow Further

Memory Verse:

1 Peter 3:15

‘But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you.’

Other Bible passages:

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Video: 3 Circles: Sharing The Gospel 

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