(The 4 Cs of Miracles)

What power has Jesus given his followers to care for people and reveal the reality and power of God through miracles?


Read the following Scripture and take note of anything that stands out to you.

Acts 3:1-16 (Peter and John heal a man at the temple gate)


How do you think Peter and John were able to do this?

What do you make of Peter’s statement, ‘what I do have I give you’?



When I worked at an office in a marketing job, one of my colleagues told me that she was in quite a lot of pain and discomfort. She said she felt like her skin was on fire. She was particularly distressed because she was due to fly out on holiday that evening and was thinking she would have to cancel. I told her that I believed Jesus had the power to heal her and that the Bible said that his followers would lay their hands on sick people and they would recover. I asked her if I could put my hand on her shoulder and pray a quick prayer for her. She agreed, and placing my hand on her, I simply said, ‘In the name of Jesus, all pain and discomfort go.’ She looked at me with a shocked expression. ‘It’s gone’, she said, ‘How on earth did you do that?!’ I was then able to share a bit about God’s love for her and the power that Jesus has. By the time I got back to my desk I had an email from her continuing to express her amazement and gratitude, as well as her relief that she would get to go on the holiday she had so been looking forward to.


What stands out to you about the story above?

Have you ever witnessed a miracle, or had God perform one through you?



The following 4Cs of Miracles are a helpful framework when ministering healing to people in Jesus’ name.

Confess: When we encounter people who need healing, we can share some truths from the Bible that assert God’s willingness and power to heal them. You could say, ‘My Bible says that God is a healer and that followers of Jesus have power to lay their hands on the sick and have them recover.’

Consent: It is always important to honour people’s free will and so we always ask for their permission before ministering. You could ask, ‘Would you be willing for me to place my hand on you and pray for your healing?’

Command: Interestingly, we don’t actually pray for God to heal the sick, we follow Jesus’ example and command sickness to go in his name. The wording does not need to be complicated, as it is Jesus’ name that has the power, rather than our wording. You could simply say, ‘Sickness go in Jesus’ name’.

Check: After commanding the sickness to go, ask the person to check to see if healing has occurred yet. This could be feeling for the pain or trying to move in a way they couldn’t before. Complete healing may not be instant. Scripture records Jesus healing a blind guy who only experienced partial healing after the first time Jesus ministered, but then full healing after the second time (Mark 8:22-26). If people don’t experience full healing, or even any improvement, don’t be sheepish about repeating the 4Cs and persevering a bit.

[Additional note: What if people don’t get healed or experience any improvement? This is often a question that we are asking rather than a question that the people we are ministering to are asking (as they may not be expecting anything to happen anyway). Rather than trying to give a big theological answer, you could simply say something like, ‘Not all healings are immediate. Let me know how things go and if you experience any change over the next day or so. If you don’t see any improvement, I’d love to pray for you again next time I see you’.]

[The 4 Cs of Miracles © Michael Lyden]


Could you see yourself using the 4Cs to minister healing to others?

How does this make you feel?


So What?

As a whole Missional Community, ask if there are any in the room who are experiencing sickness of any kind and would like healing. Then get others in the group to gather round them and minister healing to them in Jesus’ name using the 4Cs.


If you are already fairly confident in this, head out as a whole Missional Community activity to somewhere where you will be able to mix with people who don’t know Jesus yet, e.g. pubs, parks, community events, etc. Pair off and seek to engage with people, asking them if they have any aches and pains in their body. Then minister healing to them in Jesus’ name using the 4Cs. Come back together after an hour or so to share stories of what happened. When Jesus sent out the 72 to do this, they returned rejoicing (Luke 10:17).


Grow Further

Memory Verse:

Mark 16:17-18

‘“And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”’

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